Great Cakes Soapworks February 2017-CP and MP Design Challenge

I am so excited to be back working on a challenge!!! This challenge was so much fun for me and gave me a chance to try something I have never done before!  The challenge was to make a Cold Process Soap with a Melt and Pour Soap feature.  This could be an MP embed on top of the soap, a MP embed inside the soap or MP soap poured and incorporated into the design of the soap.  Me being me, I couldn’t choose and decided to do all three! J

Let’s get started!!

I have a great duck column mold from Wholesale Supply Plus that I haven’t used nearly enough, so I wanted to use that right away!  I also have a very cute mini duck soap mold that I used for the ducks on top of the soap.

For the embeds, column soap and the main soap I used Electric Lemonade Cocktail Fragrance Oil from Bramble Berry and for micas I used Tennis Ball Breaker, Snow White, Tahitian Teal and Peacock from Mad Micas.

For this soap I used my 8 inch silicone mold that holds about 45 oz.  To figure out how much cold process soap I needed to make I weighed the column Duck Soap and then subtracted that amount from the total recipe volume.  Then I figured out how much a fourth of the recipe would be and I used that amount for my melt and pour soap.  So my recipe ended up being much smaller than normal but thankfully all my calculations were perfect in the end soap.

I measured all my butters and oil and lye water solution and set that aside to cool while I melted my Melt and Pour Soaps.  I loved Amy’s tip about covering the MP with plastic wrap to keep it warm and prevent a layer on top!  It worked perfectly!

Here’s a video that shows the making of my Double Duck Soap in super speed.


The biggest difference when I use embeds on top of my soap or use MP this much in a batch verse my normal soap is to leave them uncovered and prevent gel phase.  If it gets too hot the MP could melt or you can lose the gorgeous translucent effect of the MP soap.

Here is the cut!



I love how these turn out and I will definitely be using this method again!!  Thanks for stopping by!!!

16 thoughts on “Great Cakes Soapworks February 2017-CP and MP Design Challenge

  1. Darling soaps. Ducks make me happy, for some reason! It’s funny, I was looking at someone elses soaps on instagram and below it gave suggestions of people to follow. Your name was there! What a coincidence. And I will definitely follow you!

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