Impression Mat Soap

Happy Friday Everyone!!! Today I’m going to take you through my newest impression mat soap that I made for Valentine’s Day.  This soap was such a hit that it sold out before it was even on the website so when I restocked it I made sure to get videos of it to share on the blog.

This batch is only third time (second design) that I have made impression mat soaps and I really should make them more often because they are so much fun!

There are two different ways that I have used impression mats and they have everything to do with the mat itself.  You can find these silicone fondant impression mats on Amazon, Michael’s, Bramble Berry (the cupcake one will be going in my next order! :)) and I’m sure tons of other places.

I cut the mats down to fit the mold that I plan on using and make sure that it lays flat in the mold so the top will be as uniform as possible.

The first mat I brushed with different colors of mica and a small amount of rubbing alcohol to make a rainbow pattern for the top of the soap.


Unfortunately, I don’t have a really good shot of the tops of the soaps but you can see that the design from the mat made a gorgeous indent pattern on the top of each bar.





This is the mat that I used for my Pink Sugar Valentine’s Day Soap and it allows the design from the mat to be raised which I think makes it a little easier to use.

Here we go:

These soaps are both fun and nerve racking to unmold because you have to be careful not to rip off the design with the impression mat.


And here’s the cut!

All the soaps right after they were cut and stamped.
24 hrs after they were cut.
72 hrs after the cut, they are now as dark as they will get.

I love how these soaps have turned out and how the colors have changed during the curing process.  These soaps smells amazing and have really encouraged me to make more impression  mat soaps.  I hope they have encouraged you too!



Thanks for stopping by and please leave any notes or questions in the comments section!


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