Confetti Soap Continued

I was able to cut these awesome soaps this morning and I am so excited with how they turned out!! I tried to document all the steps that I take to get the soap from a large loaf shape in the mold to a stamped, cut bar of soap heading to the curing rack.  I won’t bore you with videos of me doing the same thing for each soap batch so I just included the videos with the clearest picture since I’m still learning the best distance for my camera and tripod. 🙂

The first batch that I cut was my Patchouli Soap scented with Dark Patchouli Essential oil, I used a very small amount of essential oil because this one can get really strong.

In my original soap (Nature’s Rainbow) I used a Mint and Citrus Essential oil blend so for the second batch I used some of the original blend and added Lavender and Bergamot Essential Oils.  It smells amazing and I’m keep a bar or two for myself!!

Here’s a video of the unwrapping of the Patchouli Soap:


I love how it turned out!!!

After I unmold the soap I usually let it sit out for about ½ hour to harden up a little bit more before I cut it.


Time to cut the soap and see inside!!!

I was careful to cut this soap with the side facing up because I was afraid of some of the scraps being too hard for my cutter.  You can see in the video I have to use two hands and some muscle to get the cutter all the way down.

Once the soap is cut I let it sit for about 15 minutes before I stamp to let it harden up.



The next video is a speedy stamping video to show you how hard I had to hit the stamp due to the soap confetti.  I actually had a bar almost fall to the floor because of the stamping! (If you want to learn more about how I stamp my soap check out my blog post:

All of my full sized bars did great staying together during cutting and stamping but I did have one sample size soap crack after stamping along the soap scraps.  This one I will test out in a few days to see how it lathers and feels. 🙂

Now it’s time to take a few soap pictures and put everyone on the curing rack for 3-8 weeks.  The Confetti Soaps should cure in about 3 weeks but the soap without soap scraps will take closer to 6-8 weeks to cure due to all the soft oils in the recipe.

Patchouli Confetti Soap on the Left and the Citrus, Mint, Lavender & Bergamot on the Right. (need to think of a name for that one!)
Patchouli Confetti Soap
Citrus Blend Confetti Soap
Both Batches of Citrus Blen

Thanks for stopping by and please let me know if you have any questions!!


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