Confetti Soap: Out with the old and in with the new

Happy New Year Everyone!!

One of my goals for this New Year is to spend more time on my blog and get tons of fun, new soap videos made!!  I’ve been spending a lot of time looking at my stock and seeing what needs to be restocked, donated, put on sale or repurposed.  So I figured it would be great for me to document all the different ways that I repurpose soap and of course video my restocks too! (blog posts coming soon.:))

Confetti Soap is a really easy and fun soap to make for any and all soap making experience levels.  All you have to do is take a soap you would like to repurpose and use a knife, beveller, shredder, peeler or salad shooter to cut/shred the soap into smaller pieces and use them as part of a new soap.  I make Confetti Soap with at least 25-50% new soap batter and the rest of the soap is repurposed soap shavings.

I have also made Rebatch Soap, which is usually a soap that didn’t turn out how you planned and you use the hot process method to rescue the batch and make something amazing. I will cover this method in a future blog post.

Rebatch Pumpkin Fruitcake Soap


I have made Confetti Soap for tons of different reasons!  One batch was made from a hot process soap whose layers wouldn’t stay together but it smelled so good I didn’t want to waste the soap.

Island Vacation Confetti Soap

Another set of soaps I made for University of Kentucky Wildcats and University of Louisville Cardinals, the red didn’t turn out right (more pink) so I shredded the soaps and made confetti soap and I love how it turned out!


The soaps I made for this blog are from my Nature’s Rainbow Soap and is one of my favorite soaps I’ve ever made.  I’ve actually made a Confetti Soap with the scraps from the initial cut of this soap and I love how it turned out. (The first picture on this blog.)  But I wanted a slightly different look with this soap, so I made the soap scraps much wider.

Nature’s Rainbow Soap was made with all natural colorants and an essential oil blend that has faded.  I’ve kept a decent amount of the full bars for sale and these are great for people who want a lightly scented soap, but I really wanted to make something fun with the rest of the soap!

There are tons of ways to shred the soap bars for confetti soap and you can have small shaving or long spirals of soap, it just depends on the design you are going for.  Since I really wanted to keep the rainbow design in the confetti soap I mainly used a combination of my beveller and potato peeler to get long strips of soap.(I used the Grater to get some comparison pictures.)



I was able to get 49.45 ounces of shredded soap so I made two batches for this blog with shavings still left over so I plan to make another one or two batches net week.  I decided that I would go with a simple recipe for the confetti soap and make a big enough batch to have enough soap batter left over to make a 50 oz batch of soap.  My Nature’s Rainbow Soap used all natural colorants and essential oils so I kept to that theme for these new soaps.

I made two batches with 130 ounces each and all soft oil and no butters.  I discounted the water for the lye solution by about 8 ounces.

The recipe I used is:

Avocado Oil-5%

Castor Oil- 5%

Olive Oil-85%

Rice Bran Oil-5%

With a 7% superfat

4 tbsps. Kaolin Clay dispersed in 2 oz distilled water was added after trace to help anchor the essential oils in the soap.

I chose these oils for a few reason: I really like working with all of them, I wanted to make a soap that was close to Castile but with a few additions and I wanted to make a soap that had (hopefully) a limited amount of allergens for people.  People may still be allergic to some of these oils but I excluded Coconut Oil, Shea Butter and Cocoa Butter for allergy reasons.  I also left the 50 oz soap batch completely uncolored in case of allergies.  *I always like to have some soaps in stock that can be used by people with allergies and sensitivities and this was a perfect way to restock them while making other soap.

Ok, now to the fun part…making the soap!!

I kept the soap batter to a light to medium trace to easily mix in the soap scraps.  You can also add the scraps directly to the batter in the bucket but since I was making two batches it was easier for me to mix in the mold.

This video is of my second batch but it is almost the exact same as the first batch with the difference being the essential oil blend so I kept this one sped up. 🙂

The soaps are in the molds still and while they are hard and the 50 oz batches can be unmolded, I’m giving the confetti soaps another day to harden due to the large size of the soap shavings.  If I cut them when they are too soft the soap could break apart because of the shavings.

I will be videotaping the cutting of the soaps and will post them and the finished soaps ASAP!

Thank you for stopping by!!!


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