Great Cakes Soapworks September 2016 Challenge

Happy Friday Everyone!!  It’s time for the monthly Great Cakes Soapworks Challenge!  This month’s challenge was to make cold process soap featuring a piped/frosted soap and you must have more than one color of soap in a frosting bag.  Easy right?  Yeah, not really!!

I’ve only every piped soap once before and much to my husband’s disappointment I have never piped cupcakes or a cake either. 🙂  But it was something I have been wanting to try and I had even bought the Wilton’s tricolor piping set on sale this summer.  I also picked up a Russian tip set from Amazon to try out.  I’m not sure how educational this blog will be but at least it will be fun to learn what not to do. 🙂

 Time to experiment:

I wanted to test out a new recipe for frosting, play with my new piping tips and try the three bag method so I made a small batch of soap and gave it my best try.


I wasn’t able to test as many tips as I wanted but I found the type that I could make something cute out of and I stuck with that!  I also made some very cute mini cupcakes with the left over batter and test piping. 🙂

So Cute!!!!


The recipe that I tested and used for all 3 of my piping experiments is:

Avocado Oil-20%

Beeswax- 1%

Castor Oil- 7%

Coconut Oil-30%

Rice Bran Oil- 22%

Shea Butter- 20%

*I also used this recipe for the cupcake base just to make everything easier.


Round One- Christmas Cupcakes

I scented the bottom of the cupcake with a Peppermint Candy Fragrance Oil and left the frosting unscented.  I did not take any video of this first round because lately the video camera has been the kiss of death for every soap that I make, so I figured for the first try I would stick to the camera.

Final Christmas Cupcakes! (The colors really changed in the base and the frosting after a day or two)


Round Two- Halloween Cupcakes

Ok, this round of cupcakes was a disaster with every step!  Thankfully, I had read not to put fragrance oil in the frosting because as soon as I added it to my base it seized and riced on me.  I was able to get it in the mold and set it aside to prep the frosting batter.  I was able to get some videos on the different methods I used (I used several because I was too impatient and my soap batter didn’t set up as fast as I wanted.).

Here we go:

Piping Bags Ready

The other problem that I had with that tip was that it didn’t fit securely on the triple inserts and the other tip that fit with them was dirty. So, I found another smaller tip, made a new frosting bags and shoved all the batter into that bag.  The result was very muddled colors and a different design than I planned. But sparkles helped!

Frosting Finished
Final Halloween Cupcakes


Round Three- Fruity Loops Cupcakes

After the last try I was nervous about this set of cupcakes but they turned out amazing!! By this point in the day I was fed up with the Wilton’s Three Bag Piping Set so I was very ready to try out a multi color method Amy showed us in the tutorial. It turned out amazing and I can’t wait to try it again!

I didn’t measure the right amount for the cupcake base verse the frosting so I had some batter left over.

So Cute!!!!


Final Fruity Loops Cupcakes


One more of the Fruity Loops Cupcakes

This was a wonderful challenge and really took me out of my comfort zone!  And I do think I will try these again!!

Thanks for stopping by and please let me know if you have any questions!


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