Great Cakes Soapworks August 2016 Challenge

Happy Weekend!! This blog post has been pretty delayed (sorry!!) and with the end of summer approaching things are a bit crazy around here but here we go!!

My two attempts for this challenge.

This week’s blog is all about the August Great Cakes Soapworks Challenge, Dancing Funnels.  Dancing Funnels is an amazing technique created by Tatsiana Serko of Creative Soap by Steso.  It is so much fun and I can’t wait to try it in a log mold next but for this challenge the guidelines were that we had to use a slab mold, use one solid color for the outer circle and you can only enter your soap in either the natural or synthetic category. Soaps entered in the Natural Category have to be made with natural colorants and essential oils.  Soaps for the Synthetic Category should be made with micas, pigments, dyes and fragrance oils.

I chose to make a soap for the synthetic category first and that was so neat I had to try it with natural colors and essential oils next. 🙂  One of the major things I learned from this challenge was that I have no patience to stir soap by hand!!  It was really hard to not use a stick blender and with the second batch I actually used the stick blender for a few seconds because I had false trace and had to pour soap out of the mold and start over.

Round One- Synthetic Category

For my first soap I used a recipe very similar to Amy’s suggested recipe:

Avocado Oil- 15%

Coconut Oil- 15%

Lard- 20%

Olive Oil- 25%

Shea Butter- 10%

Sunflower Seed Oil- 15%

With a superfat of 6%

For my fragrance I used Earl Grey & Apple Fragrance Oil (AMAZING!!) from Rustic Essentials and Brazen Hussy and Satin Grey Pilllowcase for micas from Mad Oils.  My FO behaved great but it did speed up trace slightly and by the end the batter was pretty thick but still workable.

If you look closely in the video, you can see where the fragrance oil first blends into the soap batter. (the yellow batter turns slightly white)

Here is a speedy video of the making of my Bright Apples Soap

Finished Soap in the mold!


The batter was too thick to continue the design but it was the perfect chance for me to test out  my new mold.  I bought this with the holidays in mind. 🙂

Bottom of soap after unmolding.
The final cuts. Love how this turned out!
IMG_5932 - Copy
The soap on the left is beveled and the soap in the right is untouched.
Bright Apples all cleaned up!




Round Two- Natural Category


For this soap I tried a different recipe:

Avocado Oil- 15%

Castor Oil- 5%

Coconut Oil- 15%

Olive Oil infused with Lavender and Calendula Petals- 50%

Unrefined Shea Butter- 15%

With a superfat of 6%


I used Lavender 40/42 Essential Oil from Bramble Berry and for colorants I used Activated Charcoal for the circles and Annatto Seed & Tumeric and Alkanet Root Powder & Brazilian Purple Clay for the other two colors. (From Wholesale Supplies, Mad Oils and Bramble Barry)


The soap batter was way too watery, so I cleaned out the mold, stirred the batter, used a stick blender for the activated charoal batter and started over. 🙂

Wet Soap!
Time to unmold the soap.
Bottom of the soap slab.

If you look at the bottom of the soap slab you can see where some of the colors were a little too fluid. But it was much better then the first try.

It is impossible for me to cut soap straight so i use various different Bud Cutters to help me! 🙂

One soap top beveled, several more to go!
Lavender Loops all cleaned up!

My final entry was so hard to decide but I went with…..

Lavender Loops!!!!

It was a really hard choice to make but the Lavender Loops Soap was just a bit more dramatic due to the multiple colors.  But I still love Bright Apples and the final picture just came out amazing!  All of the soap shred and soap balls are going to make so much more soap!!

This month’s challenge was so much fun and I love seeing what other people come up with!  I definitely have motivation to now try more than three colors and I think that could be a really fun holiday soap!  Thanks for stopping by!











12 thoughts on “Great Cakes Soapworks August 2016 Challenge

  1. Great job, Lauren!! I finally ordered the Brazen Hussy mica in the last sale – it’s such a stunning color! The natural soap looks pretty great too though – I can see why you had a hard time choosing! So glad you enjoyed this technique!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much, Amy!!! I love that mica and actually need to reorder bc I use it so often! 😊 This is a technique I can’t wait to make again!


  2. Boy what amazing soaps, Lauren! I would never have been able to choose between them, they are both so pretty!

    I think the sales for Brazen Hussy are going to skyrocket after these last few challenges! It’s one I am going to have to put on my list. And I think I will take advantage of the sale now at Rustic Escentuals to try the Earl Gray and Apple. It sounds divine!

    Thanks for sharing all of your hard work!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much, Debbie!!! I kept changing my mind about which soap to enter and finally I just had to pick one. 😀 The Earl Grey & Apple is amazing and would def recommend it!


    1. Thank you so much, Lisa! The beveler is so much fun and I def recommend it. 😀 Brazen Hussy if one of my favs and I just reordered more! 😀


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