Great Cakes Soapworks July 2016 Challenge

This is my very first blog and I’m so excited!!!  I decided to use my Great Cakes Soapworks July Challenge as my first blog because its tons of fun and there was a strict deadline so I couldn’t push off finishing the blog until it was absolutely perfect. 🙂  So let’s dive right in!!

The challenge this month was to use Tania from Soapish’s technique to make soap using pvc pipe coupling and only 4 colors.  Seems pretty straight forward and I had enough time to make two separate batches!

First Attempt

For my first batch my dad picked me up some long pvc pipes and my hubby was kind enough to cut them down to size for me.  These were awesome and allowed me huge creative flexibility in my design but the downside was that they were hard to estimate the amount of soap need for the pipes and the mold. (I very cleverly didn’t use Claudia’s awesome spreadsheet because the pipes were three different sizes and figured I would wing it. Bad call!)

To prep the mold and pipes I used the amazing tip from Tania and dipped the bottoms of the pipes in melted cocoa butter, placed them in the molds and let them set up in the fridge for about 20 minutes.

Pipes set up in the mold

While pipes were setting up I measured out my ingredients, mixed the lye/water solution and prepped the colors.  The colors I used are from Mad Oils and they are Brazen Hussy (love this one!!), Neon Orange, Tennis Ball Breaker and Twilight. I used Bramble Berry’s Energy Fragrance Oil, one of my favs because it smells amazing and moves slowly.

Colors and Fragrance Oil Prepped


Here is a shot of my work station before I got started making soap, I like to have everything prepped and within reach before I start soaping.

Work Station

After mixing my oils and butter with my lye/water solution, I split my batter into four containers with the two colors going outside the pipes having more soap batter than the soaps going in the pipes.



Action Shot!


Wet Soap in the mold after pipe removal and swirl!

I sprayed the soap with 91% alcohol, put the lid on it and covered it with towels for 24hrs.

By the end of the batch I had used up all of the soap batter that goes outside the pipes but there was still a large amount of batter left so I made 4 really pretty heart soaps that each weight around 4 oz.  Going to be great gifts for someone!


Top and bottom of the soap slab unmolded.

Cut Soap!
Top & Botton of Soaps


Second Attempt (with Videos!)

For my second try, I went out to the local hardware store and picked up pvc pipe couplings in two sizes.  I decided to switch up the colors a bit to make things pop more and the heart soaps looked so great with the yellow and blue I wanted to keep that theme and have a white and grey on the outside.

***Side Note- the way I design soaps is usually working from a fragrance that I want to use, smelling and seeing what it makes me think of and then pick the colors and design.  But sometimes I work backwards and have a design and color scheme I want to use and hope I have a scent to match.***


Since I wanted to use the blue and yellow I started checking out my fragrance choices and realized I hadn’t used my Blueberry Jam fragrance oil from Bramble Berry.  WooHoo!!  Perfect scent match to soap color and design. 🙂

I used Claudia’s spreadsheet this time and calculated that I needed to split my batter into four separate colors, 18 oz each for grey (Satin Grey Pillowcase)  and white (Snow White) and 8 oz each for yellow (Tennis Ball Breaker) and blue (Peacock).

To prep the mold and pipes I used the cocoa butter tip again and put the mold in the fridge to set up.  Btw I LOVE this tip!!

While pipes were setting up I measured out my ingredients, mixed the lye/water solution and prepped the colors.

Colors and Fragrance Oil Prepped


For this batch I was able to get a video of me, making the soap and pouring in to the molds.


One more quick video of me removing the pvc pipes before my camera memory filled up.


Wet Soap in the mold after pipe removal and swirl!

I sprayed this with 91% alcohol, put the lid on it and covered it with towels for 24hrs.

Top and bottom of the soap slab unmolded.

***Another Side Note- I am obsessed with how the bottoms of the soaps look and plan on doing an experiment to see if I can replicate that look in a column mold with rainbow colors.  ***


Just the tops of the cut soaps.
Tops and Bottoms of the cut soap.



After unmolding both soaps I took pictures of the soap slabs and posted them on social media to get some opinions on what I should enter, since we can only enter one soap batch.


I really needed the outside viewpoints because I always naturally pick red, oranges and yellows.  The overwhelming response was the Grey Soap!!  And after I took my fancy pics that was still the huge winner.  So here is the final soap and I hope everyone likes it!

This month’s soap entry!! Neon Flowers!




Thank you so much for stopping by the Behind the Scenes Look at Single Barrel Soaps and I can’t wait to keep sharing videos and ideas with everyone!!! If you have any questions about my blog, soap making or ideas for me to work on please leave me a comment!  Thank you!!

12 thoughts on “Great Cakes Soapworks July 2016 Challenge

  1. Congrats on getting your blog up – and on being able to do videos! I think my soap would go right out the window, or end up on the table instead of in the mold if I tried filming, the way I end up all topsy turvy with it all. 🙂 The soaps are fantastic – love the bright swirly florals. And don’t you just adore that blueberry jam scent? I keep telling myself after I use all the other ones I have, I’m going to purchase more of that one. And several others. (I’m becoming a scent junkie.) Good luck going forward!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much Michelle!! I have def become addicted to trying new scents!! There are just so many amazing ones out there!


  2. These are great, Lauren!! I’m also a huge fan of that Blueberry Jam fragrance!! I think the reason we like the gray soap is because it has a higher contrast with the blue & yellow. It’s a really gorgeous soap!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much Amy!!!! I had so much fun this challenge and I’m so excited to be settled and really get to participate in the challenges each month!


  3. I love to see the other creative projects Amy’s club inspires! My blog was fast-tracked because of the challenges! Great first post and absolutely gorgeous soap – both of them!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much Debi!! It was really good for me to have a deadline and I’m going to aim for at least one post a week to start and of course the monthly challenges! 😀


    1. Thank you so much Christine!! I’m actually thinking about using grey in another soap bc it turned out so well! 😀


  4. Super fun soaps! I love your addition of video to your blog. I miss the virtual chats, so now I finally put a voice to single barrel soaps. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much Lisa!! I had a lot of fun with the videos and have already started making more. 😀 I can’t wait until the next challenge!


  5. Lauren:
    I really like both of these soaps!!
    Thanks for the videos too!
    Great first blog post.
    (PS: I remember leaving a reply a month ago, but it looks like it never got posted, so thought I’d try again. Sometimes technology is a little wacky!)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much, Sly!!! I still get nervous every time I post a blog so I’m really glad you thought this first one was good! 😀


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